Minds in Motion

I began to participate in Minds in Motion in November 2021.  It is a Zoom online training course from 10 to 11 a.m. every Wednesday.

I enjoy participating with the Zoom App, which saves travel time. The login is simple and easy, and the network is clear and smooth, there has never been any disconnection. After entering Zoom, Rosetta warmly greets everyone, which helps me connect with the other participants.

Body movements session: It turns out you can work up a sweat exercising the whole body while sitting in a chair. In the first half, I do upper body exercises and in the second half, we focus on lower body exercises. With the relaxing music, the whole process is safe; there is no worry of losing balance and falling.

Brainstorming activities: Every week, Rosetta leads participants to play all kinds of interesting brain-stimulating games. I enjoyed it when she shared vintage pictures of food; and the children’s games; which awakening my happy childhood memories.  My favourite is when she uses a variety of different logos to test our memory and observation cognitive ability. She ends each session with uplifting affirmations which remind all participants to face obstacles with positive attitudes.

Although it’s just one hour per week, I have benefitted a lot. I started learning piano last year when I turned 68. To fulfill my childhood dream, I tried to practice piano for 2 hours every day. Before that, I often made many mistakes and was discouraged. After participating in Minds in Motion, I feel as though my brain has suddenly been awakened; errors have been greatly reduced.  I am working toward’s my goal – aging gracefully!

—— Rita Wong


My mom who is 91 years old and I have joined this Zoom Mind in Motion since 2020 when we first heard about it through Mon Sheong Reach 55.

This program gave us a full half-hour of moderately active exercises. I appreciate the music you picked that accompanies the exercises and your positive encouragement. I appreciate the cognitive activities, games and positive thoughts for the week that you arranged. Those activities stimulate memory and encourage social interaction which is lacking especially for housebound seniors during the pandemic.

I appreciate that it is free and culturally suitable for the Cantonese speaking elderly.  I know there is one mandarin speaking session too. I have certainly recommended the program to several friends and neighbors. I wish more people can benefit from the Mind in Motion program.

The program is well planned and well-executed. Thank you again for running such an excellent program.

—— Gemma Lau


I have been blessed to be able to join weekly Mind In Motion workshops hosted by Rosetta Ng.  In each workshop, she guides us for a half-hour exercise with stretching at the beginning and monitors our progress.  I enjoy the fact that my muscles are being stretched and health wellness from these steps.  There is a half-hour of quiz and music time afterward as a workout on my mind also.  This one-hour workshop is the most important one I look forward to each week!  Thank you!

—— Grace L